Priestess Maat - The Cosmic Light Key Holder - The Mystery School
High Priestess

I am Maat, I am the High Priestess holding the light for this course and your learning. I am truly honoured to bring this unique space forward to you all. I am wife of Thoth. I am the holder of the flame for Truth & Justice. It is time to reveal some of the mysteries of life to each one of you today. If you hear our call, you too maybe a Guardian Keeper of the light. How will you know? You have already learned and known from an early age, that you are here, for a mission. Some know this as a calling. This calling is a passion and surge of energy that surpasses anything else, that is describable on your Earth. In fact there is no word for this calling. Another part of a Flame keeper or Guardian Keeper, is that they abhor, injustice. They will often be the person that stands up when they see an injustice being done to another. If this resonates somewhere deep within your soul, you may wonder, so what do I do now? This is where we come in, you get to work my dear, as there is much work to be done....

Priestess Maat is over seeing the Online zoom course.

Three Circles of a maximum of 12 will be commencing on 10th March 2024. 

Investment price of £33 a month.  It will unlike any other training you have undertaken as your guides will be your on going teachers bewtween the lessons.  

You will only get out of this class, what work you put in.  There is much practice work for you to do and for the first three months most of this is on you.  You see, to delve deeper into the way of the cosmos and reveal the mysteries, you have to understand some key principles of how life works. 

"You were given eyes to see, and ears to listen, however many of you remain blind and deaf to our communicaton.  We will therefore start at the beginning for you all, including Carly"  Priestess Mother Hathor ( Mary M).

"When the foundation is complete we will move to the intense work of remembering, resolving and healing life's mysteries. And I look forward to being your Guide, we are expecting some of you to fall before this point as this is a major journey, unlike any other. But for all you, we hold you in our arms of support.  I am the Mother of truth and justice, and this will be revealed through our time together. A great time of healing is ahead. " 

We have scheduled Six dates of 90mins teaching & practice work.  Three groups are now established.  

Commencing Sunday 10th March at 4pm and 8pm. Monday 11th March at 7.30pm UK times. ( 90mins on zoom).  Private fb group for further work and studies.  

The foundation: To find your mystic skills ... 

* March 10th/11th -  We open the schools and the work within the temple of Light. 

* April 7th/8th- We move to the Temple of Hathor 

* May 19th/20th - We move to the Temple of Dreams 

Each month a Journal is available, to assist with the guidance ...

We start the work of Truth and Justice. .. 

* June 23rd /24th June - We move to the Temple of Priestess Isis and Maat. We start to work under the direction of her and Priestess Maat.  As the foundation work is over.  Both ready and willing to share the unrevealing and resolving of uncovered mysteries. 

July 21st/22nd  Further work in the Temple of Truth and Justice. 

Sunday 4th August 8pm A collective group at 8pm if possible will come together to close the doors of the school for Summer rest.


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