School of Ptah

Gate Keeper to the Sunday 4pm school

The gate keeper for this group is Ptah. An Egyptian Priest who is the creator of the cosmos. You will therefore gain great understanding of cosmic laws in this class, with this man at the Gate to your class.

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Priestess Maat - The Cosmic Light Key Holder - The Mystery School

High Priestess

I am Maat, I am the High Priestess holding the light for this course and your learning. I am truly honoured to bring this unique space forward to you all. I am wife of Thoth. I am the holder of the flame for Truth & Justice. It is time to reveal some of the mysteries of life to each one of you today. If you hear our call, you too maybe a Guardian Keeper of the light. How will you know? You have already learned and known from an early age, that you are here, for a mission. Some know this as a calling. This calling is a passion and surge of energy that surpasses anything else, that is describable on your Earth. In fact there is no word for this calling. Another part of a Flame keeper or Guardian Keeper, is that they abhor, injustice. They will often be the person that stands up when they see an injustice being done to another. If this resonates somewhere deep within your soul, you may wonder, so what do I do now? This is where we come in, you get to work my dear, as there is much work to be done....

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School of Heka

Gate Keeper of the Flame of Heka - Sunday 8pm group

This is the group for the 8pm start on Sunday 10th March. This is group has the Priestess of Heka as the gate keeper.

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School of Geb

Gate Keeper of the Monday School

Geb is the Gatekeeper of the Monday Egyptian mystery School. A Priest in Egypt who had the powers to pass judgement, and was the God of the Earth. He was brother to the Sky goddess Nut.

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