Dusting off the Soul  image
In 2023, I was guided to share my story of mediumship...

A book that I have titled "Dusting off the soul".

A powerful book written from the heart with my son "joshua" who is a keeper of the light in the spirit world. And I hope this year to write his story. His story will be one of how some Flame holders of the light have a brief stay here on earth, and yet come as part of the bigger picture. 

If you are looking to take your mediumship further than what the traditional teachers teach, this will be the book for you. Channelling my son in this book, he will share how the spirit world, are always aiming to teach you.

When I was trying to heal my own grief, I found a medium, who really rocked me to the core of my being. I vowed to change others, in the name of truth and justice. Another virtue of being a flame holder to the light.

Please do share if this story moves you ..



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