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Welcome, my name is Carly, a soul healer and someone that channels spirit messages (Medium), and I am here to help you, encourage you, and through spirit enable you to find clarity, healing and purpose. I want everyone to find and shine their light.

My belief is there is no darkness in this world only the absence of light so let's get you shining your light. The universe needs you!

I am a Recognised Psychic Medium, a Soul Healer, Trance healer and certified as an Advanced Crystal Healer, Reiki Teacher, Angelic Reiki Teacher, and Atlantean Master, who works with the spirit in many ways to provide guidance, encouragement and healing.

I am a qualified teacher and mentor, following a long career in health, with a passion for sharing my knowledge from all my walks in life. 
I am now offering one to one spiritual mentorship working towards an accredited awards. Some courses are availble on a one to one basis. I hope together we can help you to find your soul purpose, gain clarity and pass your own knowledge on to spread the light.

Much love, light and oodles of blessings,


*Email me or contact me through my facebook page for any bookings. Payment through Paypal or bank transfer. Please see Disclaimer on this website before any booking is made. 




Psychic Mediumship level 1 Accredited course over Zoom One to One (full)

This is a course made up of 15hours. 12 hours on a one to one basis over zoom with me. 3 hours will be made up of written reflective practice. 5 Case studies required to gain the accredited award. This mentorship program is full at present but please feel free to message me for next space.

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Psychic mediumship Level 2 , Empowering your mediumship (FULL)

This is for those students that can make a spiritual link and can perform a simple reading for others. In this course we deepen the connection and strengthen the relation with your spiritual team. I will guide and help you to bring the essence of those loved ones through for your sitters. This course is now full from Sept 2020 as I limit the numbers I take on, please message me for details of when I can take students on again.

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The Intuitive Card Reader Accredited Certificate

One of my favourite courses to do with people. Im really excited to share this with you. This can be done by attending my course, and evidence of reflective practice. 5 x case studies required. Price £60

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Third eye healing workshop with certificate

This has been very popular and has been run through 2020 with great success. All on zoom. In the 3 hour session you get two attunements from the Atlantean Priests and Priestesses. A pdf will be sent to you , to look at before the session. In the era of Atlantis the Priests and Priesteses were great healers using a range of different abilities. Much of the healing was done through the third eye. This healing modality was channelled to me via the master Seraphis Bey. It works mainly with the beautiful Priestess Isis, who has been one of my main guides for the last three years since working with the Atlantean energies. Feel free to email me for details of my next course.

For the love of the Tarot - beginners course 15th March 2021 £25

This is a workshop, 2pm UK time. This is based on my experience and training as a Tarot reader. Based on some recent work with Richard Knight. Its an easy way to read tarot cards for others. This workshop means that you can read for family and friends. I have an accredited Tarot that follows on from this workshop if it interests you.

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Accredited Tarot (beginners required)

This is an accredited certificate. For the love of Tarot. £60 The introduction to Tarot is required to attend this course. Please email me for the details. Thelavenderroom33@gmail.com

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Free meditaitons on Wednesdays on Zoom 1030am

Every wednesday on Zoom free to all, 1030 UK time. Get in touch if you like to soul journey, in my meditations on a wednesday, I have a different topic each week. Please come and join in a friendly group of light workers every Wednesday morning. Get in touch through my email to know more.

Post cards from Heaven - Saturday 20th Feb 2021 10.30 til 1pm

This is a workshop for those that have the link and wonder what to do with it next in their mediumship readings. the cost is £10, please email me for more information.

Sat 24th and Sun 25th April £75- Healing for the Golden Age Accredited Course - live online

Coming for April - an accredited course on healing in the Golden Age. Live online Training on zoom. 3pm Uk time til 730pm on both days. Based on my channellings, and work as an Atlantean Healer

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Coming for June - Golden Angel Healing - live online

This is a new Angel healing course. As a teacher of Angelic Healing, this will be my own unique course, following my own intuition and working with angels .

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Free sessions. The sacred space

The sacred space is a space to come together as a group where we sit and be as one with our spiritual team. 1hour on Mondays 11am or Thursdays 3.30pm. UK time. Get in touch for further details. These start in March.

Healing sessions

Chakra Balancing Distant healing

Using the trance state I use the healing room with my guides who will assess and balance your energy systems. Click for further details.

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Atlantean Healing

This is a healing modality channelled by Birkan Tore. £15 Distant healing now only offerred.

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  • Bideford, UK
  • The majority of my work can be done on line and from the comfort of your own home



  •  12/12/2020 09:17 PM

Wow 2020. This has been a year for us all to mark on the spiritual calender. A year that I sadly lost my dad with his short battle with an unexpected lung cancer. As a nurse in the NHS for 15 years and someone that had nursed dying patients and helped families in some most tragic circumstances, this was on a different scale. Nursing your own and having the added expectations on you because you are in the know , was hard on me. As soon as dad was diagnosed in the summer of 2019 I knew I would have to help him spiritually over to the other side. I was humbled to see the Angel's and his family in spirit come to see him over on the night of the 25th June 2020. Of course, training and working with other mediums he has come through many times. I always love to hear from him and what hes doing and seeing me do, particularly with the paints he left behind. The other part of 2020 has been the shift , so many people have awoken to their spirtual side this year. Whether its because the enforced quiet time I'm still unsure. I do know I know have an amazing private group on Facebook of over 200 and we meet on zoom. We have explored journal writing, inspired writing, meditations, Angel's, and Atlantis teachings and many more. My mentorship started in Sept with others and I'm so proud of the people I'm mentoring. As we start 2021 we are starting three weekly circles, at different times to help different time zones. My own personal development has also been amazing this year, I have loved working and meeting Tony Stockwell in his 5 days workshops. I really resonate with this man, as I too believe mediumship has moved to another level this year. I call it modern mediumship. What is modern mediumship? I think that's another blog in it's own right. I wish you all a happy Christmas and a happy new year as we now move towards Christmas of 2020. Much love and a bunch of blessings sent to you who has read this , Carly Jane x

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  •  06/11/2020 11:27 AM
  •  10/06/2020 06:08 PM
  •  29/04/2020 04:54 PM

A link to a healing session with your angels, infused with healing from Atlantis x

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  •  21/03/2020 11:54 AM


This is a disclaimer for any work that I do. All my work is done with pure, good intentions.  My only intention is to offer support, guidance and positivity. After over a decade in nursing I have a high standard of Ethics. 

A reading or healing session should never be used in place of professional advice. A reading cannot offer legal, medical, business or financial advice. You should never rely on a reading to make decisions that would affect your mental, legal, financial or medical conditions. If you need guidance in this areas please seek out a professional in these areas. My readings will give you only guidance on a spiritual level, and we have free will which comes into our daily life and can change any circumstance. You are totally responsible to taking the information and dealing with it in your own way. I do not guarantee any outcomes from the work I do.

This being said I love readings, and healings, I love how they pick up on our unconscious minds, so please do enjoy.

Carly x