Shining the Light.....

Enjoy this meditation below:

Open your heart in the healing space ..

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I hold your hand and scatter rose petals at your feet in gratitude for finding this space ...

Enjoy here a place of solitude in some of the next pages as I invite you into a place of mystic and magic.

A place of storytelling awaits you here ...

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Or stay here and soak up the energies, of this space...

There is an invite towards the end: A Calling for the opening of the Mystery Schools of Maat, the path of the mystic.

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Story telling is an ancient practice, for many it was a place around the camp fire. In later years, it was something that we may have done with our parents or grandparents. I can remember my grand mother asking for more stories from me at a young age...

Allow me to share my story of how the three golden keys of Merlin came to fruition and what it is about. This short book is a story of fantasy, and a reading from Merlin. It came in after sitting and visiting his home town of Tintagel. He shares how some very simple exercises can shift your awareness. He introduces you to some of his furry friends along the way :)

The book is here for you to check out for yourself... Click here. 

Much love, light and oodles of blessings,


Take time to stop and smell my roses ..
Mary Magdalene
Activation Cards for Sale £12.99 (UK)  image

Another form of Story telling is the use of tarot or divination cards. This is an ancient practice used by the mystics and fortune tellers.

If I pick you a card today from my deck, I find myself looking at the Sapphire dragon. If I pass this card to you, what story does this powerful dragon bring to you today. Take a breather in your day, and feel her prescence. Ask her anything that is bothering you and I know she will have the answers.

If you would love to work with these cards, to share your stories, reach out. They love to work with stories. ..

£12.99 in the UK and your postage requirement is dependant on your needs and country.. .

Dusting off the Soul  image
In 2023, I was guided to share my story of mediumship...

A book that I have titled "Dusting off the soul".

A powerful book written from the heart with my son "joshua" who is a keeper of the light in the spirit world. And I hope this year to write his story. His story will be one of how some Flame holders of the light have a brief stay here on earth, and yet come as part of the bigger picture. 

If you are looking to take your mediumship further than what the traditional teachers teach, this will be the book for you. Channelling my son in this book, he will share how the spirit world, are always aiming to teach you.

When I was trying to heal my own grief, I found a medium, who really rocked me to the core of my being. I vowed to change others, in the name of truth and justice. Another virtue of being a flame holder to the light.

Please do share if this story moves you ..

And then came the magic in writing journals..
You too can make magic happen this way.  Twelve quotes are needed from you, and a working title...
Become present, it is the true gift...
And so it is ...
The Community comes together ..
Each year, on this website I have shared others work, here are some Angels, who have written some magic into a journal ...

Kelz Allen

Journal - The Journal back home

Kelz is a multi-dimensional healer and hypnotherapist. She is helping women who are struggling with life to take their power back and live a life of freedom and safety, after childhood trauma & abuse. With online beposke sessions available, get in touch she maybe able to help. Her Journal is here to inspire others. A beautiful deep purple in colour, you will love it...

Deborah Little

Journal - The Rose Petalled Path

Deborah......Is A Mary Magdalene priestess, Sistership Circle facilitator, and Mother of five. Her journal complements her work to empower women with beautiful, powerful affirmations, Deborah invites you to step onto the rose petalled path to support you on your journey to self-discovery. Her journal is a glossy red and cover, and holds amazing energies. See the link or contact her for a signed copy.

Connie McKay

Journal - Anchoring the light

Connie just loves dragons. Her new journal has a beautiful title of Anchoring the light. It is a beautiful pink in colour. See her bio ...

Clare Egan

The Mystic Fae - The Magic within and my Gratitude Journal

Clare is the founder of the Mystic Fae, she owns a crystal hub, from which she sells to the public. She has weekly lively shows from her facebook group, and comes with a wealth of spiritual knowledge. Enjoy her two journals on Amazon, one for your magic within, and the other for your gratitude. Both available signed from her at £6.99 or to buy for £6.99 on Amazon.

Sammi Dean

The Spirits Journey - A Journal

Sammi was inspired to do this journal to help others on their spiritual path and have a journal for their own spirits growth or that of their mediumship development. She is a psychic medium, running a mediumship circle and has a love for all things spiritual like tarot, divination, scrying, astrology,you get the drift 🤣. She loves to help people spiritually on their journeys. "May you always be blessed and I hope you have a happy time journalling in this sacred space I have channelled just for you!" Sammi

Trudie Stroud

Connect with your Spirit Guides

Trudie has a magical journal assisting you with her prompts to work with your guide. Trudie is a spirit guide mentor and past life regressionist. She supports female entrepeneurs to connect their guides to live their authentic life. She holds her own successful facebook page. She has a real passion with her spiritual work.

Joanna Ashwell

New Unicorn Journal sharing the love of the Golden Unicorns.

"Love will always win over fear, so love more...."
A dolphin blessing is sent to you .. image
* I love love writing in journals and here I share some glossy journals I have made which are on sale on Amazon: They are filled with inspirational quotes every ten pages.

Available for £5.25

My Dolphin blessing here, all profits will go to the Dolphin UK Charity every 6 months.  Click here 

All for £4.99 through 2024 

A notebook for Angel Whispers  Click here

Earth Angels Click here  

Connections to Merlin:  Click here 
do you have a story to share? image
Do you have something you wish to share?  Maybe it is time to write that book, for 2024, I am assisting others to write their books.

Get in touch for a bespoke price, depending on the timescale, size of book this will vary.  I aim to be transparent with my prices, so that it is a fair price to enable people now to be heard. 
Disclaimer & Code of conduct image
This is a disclaimer for any work that I do. All my work is done with pure, good intentions.  My only intention is to offer support, guidance and positivity. After over a decade in nursing I have a high standard of Ethics. I am also a member of the christian Spiritual Society Internation, and registered as a Medium, Spiritual Healer, Reiki healer and Crystal healer and more ...

* A reading or healing session should never be used in place of professional advice. A reading cannot offer legal, medical, business or financial advice. You should never rely on a reading to make decisions that would affect your mental, legal, financial or medical conditions. If you need guidance in this areas please seek out a professional in these areas. My readings will give you only guidance on a spiritual level, and we have free will which comes into our daily life and can change any circumstance. You are totally responsible to taking the information and dealing with it in your own way. I do not guarantee any outcomes from the work I do.

* With all workshops,when you attend the sessions, you have taken the responsibility to join. I hold no responsibility or liability. Some of my workshops are of a high vibration and therefore can cause some ungrounding/dizziness to occur.
I therefore advise if you have uncontrolled epilepsy, any severe mental health issues, pregnant, or post pregnancy, you discuss with a healthcare professional before attending a workshop.

That is the legal part out of the way, please do message and get in touch to discuss if you need to,

Carly x


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