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I am a Recognised Psychic Medium, Spiritual Healer and a Multi -dimensional Spiritual worker, who works to help others, particularly at their soul level. Where are you going with your spiritual life?

Through my own experiential learning and Soul Growth, working with many amazing mentors, I step forward to assist others....Its time to ascend sufferring and step into your own soul power. I offer one to one sessions, mentoring, clearing blocks, wounds, or hexes, through advanced regression techniques. Or learn with me to assist others with clearings. 

I am a qualified teacher (PGCE) and mentor (D32/33), following a long career in Nursing (Bsc in Health) and teaching, with a passion for sharing knowledge. I adhere to a high standard of ethics and professionalism. I now want to help others to share their knowledge.

Lots to offer from Circles to sessions. Online, in person or through Udemy, there are many ways to learn...

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*Email me (carlyjanespiritualteacher@gmail.com) or contact can be made through my Facebook page for any bookings. The Lavender Spiritual Room Payment through Paypal or bank transfer. Please see Disclaimer on this website before any booking is made.

Advanced Soul Regression 90mins - £50

This is my most popular session. I can also teach this to you, if you would like to take this further and offer it to others. This session can take upto 90mins, and can be recorded. I may request we meet for a free 20mins consultation depending on your requirements in your initial introduction. In this free session, we will discuss your request for help, and how I can assist. These sessions can be used for a general regression as you are intrigued about your past life or this can be a cord sutting session to assist with breaking blocks and barriers.

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One to one Appt for your needs.

This price will differ to the time spent with me. This is a space for you to work with me for your own growth. In the past I have used this space for assisting others, in their mediumship journey, when they feel stuck. I have used it to teach healing, reiki, crystals, or when someone feels they have lost their way. As a professional medium, who has worked with Tony Stockwell, and others, I love to share the skills, I have learnt from my team and others. I have learnt rapid pain emliminations, and advanced healing techniques, to teacher status, so have many tools to help you. Get in touch, to see if I can help...

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Closed Private Circle Every Tues (Closed)

This is an ongoing Closed Circle held for an hour. Where commitment is essential. If you are interested and dedictated to learning from the spirit world, reach out if a closed circle would help you ....

Mediumship Circle Sept 2022 Mondays 8pm (UK) Monthly £20

This is a popular circle held for anyone others than complete beginners to come and practice some exercises with others. £5 or £20 for the month. A commitment to the 4 weeks is desired.

After a summer of doing the youtubes, I thought I would upload to podcasts .

This is the link to Paula Madden and how she overcame Chronic fatigue syndrome/ ME https://open.spotify.com/episode/3jQRHq5zSHhovtdB732MPK?si=4a7a1475a79745c2

Paint my Angel

Have you ever wanted a painting of your Angel. I can do this for you, if you send me your name and date of birth. I will connect into your Angel and paint the colours I see.

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Paint my dragon

If you would like me to paint your dragon, I offer this service as an A4 size or A5 size on 300g paper. I use a mixed media approach and channel with your personal dragon. I work with the frequency, colour and any guidance it may have for you

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Paint my Spirit Guide

My spirit animal

Paint my guide, this is available on request. This is done as an a4 or a5 on 300g paper, with mixed media. This can be sent out to you in the uk post with its inspiring message for you.

Loss and grief are really difficult. Sometimes its just having some validation that they are still watching and guiding us.

I thought I would write about why people tend to come for a reading....

2022. Im soo excited to see what 2022 holds for us all. I am really loving the teaching on udemy, and so delighted at the feedback. Its so wonderful to share and hold a sacred space for others. If you love dragons, dolphins and Atlantis, then do get in touch. The great thing with a udemy course, is you can have it to watch over and over in your own time.

Yay really enjoyed working with the Unicorns this summer.

Yay now on Udemy, check out these workshops online, and easy to work through in your own time.

The Group stories over the summer

Wow 2020. This has been a year for us all to mark on the spiritual calender. A year that I sadly lost my dad with his short battle with an unexpected lung cancer. As a nurse in the NHS for 15 years and someone that had nursed dying patients and helped families in some most tragic circumstances, this was on a different scale. Nursing your own and having the added expectations on you because you are in the know , was hard on me. As soon as dad was diagnosed in the summer of 2019 I knew I would have to help him spiritually over to the other side. I was humbled to see the Angel's and his family in spirit come to see him over on the night of the 25th June 2020. Of course, training and working with other mediums he has come through many times. I always love to hear from him and what hes doing and seeing me do, particularly with the paints he left behind. The other part of 2020 has been the shift , so many people have awoken to their spirtual side this year. Whether its because the enforced quiet time I'm still unsure. I do know I know have an amazing private group on Facebook of over 200 and we meet on zoom. We have explored journal writing, inspired writing, meditations, Angel's, and Atlantis teachings and many more. My mentorship started in Sept with others and I'm so proud of the people I'm mentoring. As we start 2021 we are starting three weekly circles, at different times to help different time zones. My own personal development has also been amazing this year, I have loved working and meeting Tony Stockwell in his 5 days workshops. I really resonate with this man, as I too believe mediumship has moved to another level this year. I call it modern mediumship. What is modern mediumship? I think that's another blog in it's own right. I wish you all a happy Christmas and a happy new year as we now move towards Christmas of 2020. Much love and a bunch of blessings sent to you who has read this , Carly Jane x

Disclaimer & Code of conduct
This is a disclaimer for any work that I do. All my work is done with pure, good intentions.  My only intention is to offer support, guidance and positivity. After over a decade in nursing I have a high standard of Ethics. I am also a member of the christian Spiritual Society Internation, and registered as a Medium, Spiritual Healer, Reiki healer and Crystal healer and more ...

* A reading or healing session should never be used in place of professional advice. A reading cannot offer legal, medical, business or financial advice. You should never rely on a reading to make decisions that would affect your mental, legal, financial or medical conditions. If you need guidance in this areas please seek out a professional in these areas. My readings will give you only guidance on a spiritual level, and we have free will which comes into our daily life and can change any circumstance. You are totally responsible to taking the information and dealing with it in your own way. I do not guarantee any outcomes from the work I do.

* With all workshops,when you attend the sessions, you have taken the responsibility to join. I hold no responsibility or liability. Some of my workshops are of a high vibration and therefore can cause some ungrounding/dizziness to occur.
I therefore advise if you have uncontrolled epilepsy, any severe mental health issues, pregnant, or post pregnancy, you discuss with a healthcare professional before attending a workshop.

* If you join a workshop you will be expected to join in, and some may have home work sessions, by joining in you accept and knowledge this. Listening and working with others and self is an imperative aspect of spiritual work.

* The accredited workshops, from June will require 10 case studies. This is your responsibility to obtain. You are welcome to attend the course and not take the accreditation.

That is the legal part out of the way, please do message and get in touch to discuss if you need to,

Carly x


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