A list of some of the amazing people from our Community  Facebook Group and their services.
Golden Atlantean, Dragons or Mediumship ( see Below)

Enjoy an online session and support others

Here is a list of the Mediums and Spiritual healers in the comunity Group. ( Carly Jane & the Lavender Spiritual Virtual School of Love and Light).  Feel free to contact if drawn. All sessions are the responsiblity of you and the person.  Many are just starting out and will appreciate the feedback and support. 

* Ensure you mention where you found them for some discount on your session. 

Wendy Ellis (UK) - Hibiscus.rosemoon01@gmail.com   Wendy has been mentoring with me through 2021 and is able to offer mediumship and Golden Atlantean & Dragon healing. 

Claire T (UK)- Clairetw001@icloud.com - 07791997601 - Claire offers Atlantean and Dragon healing session, and has done these courses with me over 2021. 

Kelz Allen (UK) - k_allen_81@yahoo.co.uk  Kelz offers Spirtual hynotherapy, past life regrssion and the Golden Atlantean Healing online. 

Sheena Cox (UK) - sheenacox74@sky.com   sheena offers Golden Atlantean healing and Tarot readings to others. 

Amber Benjamin (UK)- itsamberbusiness@gmail.com Amber has been working on her mediumship with me, and done her Atlantean healing. 

Joanna O'brien -(UK)  joanneobrien33@hotmail.com or 07443541377  Joanna has done her Golden Atlantean and dragons healing with me. 

Joyce Tam (UK) - jteluna@gmail.com - Joyce has done her mediumship and Atlantean healing with me. 

Melissa Kennedy (USA) Melissa has done the Golden Atlantean and Tarot with me.  Find her on www.whisperingwindpsychiccowgirl.com

June - Uk juneoneone@outlook.com   June has done her Golden altantean and Dragons, she is also going to do some Atlantis workshops of her own very soon. 

Antoinette Rall -  has qualified in Dragon and the Golden Atlantean & email is antoinetterall@yahoo.com

Terri MacDonald - qualified in mediumship. Terri.macdonald.uk@gmail.com

Heather Mcfarlane - qualified in mediumship -   heathermcfarlane20@gmail.com

Elissa Garcia - Qualified in mediumship (USA) elissa.ns.garcia@gmail.com

Elisa Albuquerque - hailstone.arts@gmail.com  -  Elisa is qualified in Dragon healing 




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