Crystal healing 30mins - Multi- Dimensional £20 - In person

This is available in person and can also be done online. In this sesion, I will assess and balance your chakras. I will then use the crystals required to assist the chakras. to be fully open and charged. I will be using the 14 chakra system used in Atlantis. I will be connecting with the 7 sisters of pleiades and others star workers, who are here to work with me at this present time. This crystal therapy will help you to feel more balanced and connected. Please message with me, to arrange a mutual date.

Advanced Soul Regression 90mins - £50

This is my most popular session. I can also teach this to you, if you would like to take this further and offer it to others. This session can take upto 90mins, and can be recorded. I may request we meet for a free 20mins consultation depending on your requirements in your initial introduction. In this free session, we will discuss your request for help, and how I can assist. These sessions can be used for a general regression as you are intrigued about your past life or this can be a cord sutting session to assist with breaking blocks and barriers.

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One to one Appt for your needs.

This price will differ to the time spent with me. This is a space for you to work with me for your own growth. In the past I have used this space for assisting others, in their mediumship journey, when they feel stuck. I have used it to teach healing, reiki, crystals, or when someone feels they have lost their way. As a professional medium, who has worked with Tony Stockwell, and others, I love to share the skills, I have learnt from my team and others. I have learnt rapid pain emliminations, and advanced healing techniques, to teacher status, so have many tools to help you. Get in touch, to see if I can help...

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Fri 13th May 730pm Sunset Walk and connection from Westward Ho

A soulful walk and connection session. In this session a few of us are meeting with drums and we will find a place to sit and connect with the sea and the energies. Meeting at the old seafield house, and the beach hut.

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