Accredited Course.  The Golden Ray Atlantean Crystal Energy  Healing workshop on zoom.

We will discuss the Atlantean Energies, violet flame, dragons, and work with the Priests and Priestesses to receive two attunements by Master Thoth.  One attunement is to the golden energy, the second is to the etheric crystals. 

Since being Attuned myself in 2018, to the Master Level of Atlantean Healing, I have evolved this healing modality that I share.  In 2018, I was working as a healer and offering this to my clients.  The feedback was amazing.   It can help and assist with physical and emotional pain, and clients loved the sense of well being that occurred post a session. 😊

Due to Covid, I have worked with my healer guides, and have been adapting this healing to be used over zoom or by distant healing at a set time. 

5x case studies will be required for certification 

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