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The Intuitive Card Reader Accredited Certificate

The Intuitive Card Reader Accredited Certificate

For this course, you will need a set of oracle, or Angel cards or Tarot

This is a course where You will learn how to tune into more than just reading the cards. You will learn all about energy, each card holds energy. You will get to know about psychic energy, guides and your spiritual team, all of which are available to you when you do a reading for others. What does the soul of the peson need to know to help them move forward.   

I have the belief, many of us were seers and visonaries in a former life. You will attract those that need help with earrthly matters.  Lets help you to help them on a soul level. Thats where the shift happens. 

Get in contact via email if you wish to know more details, 

Carly x