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The Advancing Soul worker - "helping to heal the wounded soul"

The Advancing Soul worker - "helping to heal the wounded soul"

The Advancing Soul worker – Using guided Visualisations and Spiritual healing and energy healing in your mediumship.

You asked and I listened, this is for the progessive, intermediate, soul worker, not for the beginner. 

This is an accredited course for those who are committed to advancing their personal readings and wondering how to progress further with their spiritual work bringing in the healing aspect to a session.

In the times of Atlantis, we all worked with the soul, and we are still souls here incarnated, but we are encased in the physical/emotional body.  Many clients come to us requiring help due to hurts of the soul, in this lifetime, such as inner child issues or that of our past lives.

In this course, I will mentor you, to move further with your healing and reading abilities. Helping those clients that come for mediumship or healing to finally release those traumas. This can be an easy add on to any mediumship reading to release any issues that may come up in a session. This can also be used a past life regression course.

For this course you will need to have completed the Golden Atlantean Healing course, Reiki or equivalent. You need to be motivated to want to make changes in your lives and that of others.

You will need to find practice, in between the sessions. Homework will be given on some sessions. Certificate given on completion of 10 comprehensive case studies.  This course will run over a min of 8 weeks, to ensure practice is obtained between sessions. This will be booked in on an individual basis as per my mentorship program. Limited places available. Please book in for a free chat if this resonates with you. 

£250 (Can be paid in instalments, before each session, if deposit paid)

This course is made up of the following aspects:

5 x 1.5 hours 

*Holding the sacred space for another and honouring this ability.

*Understanding the altered states, relaxation, deepeners, and how to lead a guided meditation.

*Holding the connection, moving the client around in the session for their highest good

* A script for your clients, to aid you, until you feel proficient so that you can move them into their sacred space, and their journey.

* A Heightening of the Psychic and Intuitive awareness, activating the use of higher chakras.

Lots of practice work, support and much more.