Psychic Mediumship level 1 Accredited course over Zoom One to One (full)

This is a course made up of 15hours. 12 hours on a one to one basis over zoom with me. 3 hours will be made up of written reflective practice. 5 Case studies required to gain the accredited award. This mentorship program is full at present but please feel free to message me for next space.

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Psychic mediumship Level 2 , Empowering your mediumship (FULL)

This is for those students that can make a spiritual link and can perform a simple reading for others. In this course we deepen the connection and strengthen the relation with your spiritual team. I will guide and help you to bring the essence of those loved ones through for your sitters. This course is now full from Sept 2020 as I limit the numbers I take on, please message me for details of when I can take students on again.

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The Intuitive Card Reader Accredited Certificate

One of my favourite courses to do with people. Im really excited to share this with you. This can be done by attending my course, and evidence of reflective practice. 5 x case studies required. Price £45

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Monday 10am ( GMT) circle (starts 18/1/2021)

This circle is for 4 consecutive weeks. Each week there will be a short empowerment, or sitting before I introduce exercises to help each and everyone to further their connection to the spirit world. Email me if you are interested to know more. £10 investment for the 4 weeks .

Intermediate mediumship circle

This is for people who can already make a link for spirit and have understanding between the psychic and mediumship. In this circle I will set some exercises , so a willingness to come out of your comfort zone is a must. You will be amongst likeminded people and very much supported to do this. Do email me if this intrigues you. * This current one starting in Jan is full. However I can place you on my list or consider more if I have enough interest.

Wednesday 730pm (GMT) circle ( mixed )

This is for mixed abilities. Each session will look at a different aspect or topic to widen your mediumship skills. Exercises in the zoom breakout rooms will be set. It will be a supportive environment to unleash your talents :) Email for further details. £10 investment for 4 weeks. Commitment required to attend the 4 weeks.

Third eye healing workshop with certificate

This has been very popular and has been run through 2020 with great success. All on zoom. In the 3 hour session you get two attunements from the Atlantean Priests and Priestesses. A pdf will be sent to you , to look at before the session. In the era of Atlantis the Priests and Priesteses were great healers using a range of different abilities. Much of the healing was done through the third eye. This healing modality was channelled to me via the master Seraphis Bey. It works mainly with the beautiful Priestess Isis, who has been one of my main guides for the last three years since working with the Atlantean energies. Feel free to email me for details of my next course.