Psychic Mediumship level 1 Accredited course over Zoom One to One (full)

This is a course made up of 15hours. 12 hours on a one to one basis over zoom with me. 3 hours will be made up of written reflective practice. 5 Case studies required to gain the accredited award. This mentorship program is full at present but please feel free to message me for next space.

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Psychic mediumship Level 2 , Empowering your mediumship (FULL)

This is for those students that can make a spiritual link and can perform a simple reading for others. In this course we deepen the connection and strengthen the relation with your spiritual team. I will guide and help you to bring the essence of those loved ones through for your sitters. This course is now full from Sept 2020 as I limit the numbers I take on, please message me for details of when I can take students on again.

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The Intuitive Card Reader Accredited Certificate

One of my favourite courses to do with people. Im really excited to share this with you. This can be done by attending my course, and evidence of reflective practice. 5 x case studies required. Price £60

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For the love of the Tarot - beginners course 15th March 2021 £25

This is a workshop, 2pm UK time. This is based on my experience and training as a Tarot reader. Based on some recent work with Richard Knight. Its an easy way to read tarot cards for others. This workshop means that you can read for family and friends. I have an accredited Tarot that follows on from this workshop if it interests you.

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Accredited Tarot (beginners required)

This is an accredited certificate. For the love of Tarot. £60 The introduction to Tarot is required to attend this course. Please email me for the details.

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****NOW FULL**Sat 24th & Sun 25th April £75- Healing for the Golden Age Accredited Course - live online

An Accredited course on healing in the Golden Age. The Atlantean Golden Ray Intuitive Energy Healing Live online Training on zoom. 3pm Uk time til 8pm. Based on my channellings, and work as an Atlantean Healer.

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Coming for June - Golden Angel Healing - live online

This is a new Angel healing course. As a teacher of Angelic Healing, this will be my own unique course, following my own intuition and working with angels .

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Reiki 1 (£60) Spaces on Saturday 27th March

This is now on Zoom. Reiki is a form of energy healing which helps to balance dis-ease in many ways. This is the 1st in three workshops, it has 4 attunements and a full pdf manual.

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Reiki 2 (Accredited)(£75) in a small group)

On zoom only: Further Reiki attunements to the symbols, which will take you further with the powerful Reiki healing system. This also covers insurance requirements and ethics. How to work at a professional level. Full pdf and personal tuition for this session. Get in touch for details. (One to one session £99)

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The Atlantean Seer and Mystic (£25) Thursday 8th and 22nd April 10am

This is a two part workshop, working with the mystic and seer ship qualities from our times spent in Atlantis. We will work with crystals, the auric field, and colours. The Master Thoth and other Masters will help us on our learning path. all via zoom, get in touch by email or facebook :)

The Atlantean Mystic and Seer (£25)

Monday 730pm UK time, Monday 12th and 26th April. Come and enjoy working with the Priests and Priestesses as we work with Seer ship and our Mystic Abilities. Get in touch if this appeals to you :) Carly

The Atlantean Golden Ray intuitive energy healing £75 ( Thursday 29th April & Thur 6th May 830pm Uk )

This is an intuitive energy healing course channelled from the Priest in Atlantis Thoth. It is the golden ray, as its based on the golden age in Atlantis.

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(Full) The Golden Atlantean Energy healing course (Accredited) £75) Friday 16th April 2021

This healing was channelled and updated to me recently by the Atlantean Master Thoth. It is a healing modality for the new age and based on the 5th dimensional energy cerntres. I will facilitate this work and hold the space for the attunements and activations of this healing.

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