27 Apr

What is a mediumship reading? 

My mediumship readings are about showing that the person once lived a life here.  What was their personality, who were they? 

When I have given enough about their life, the loved ones, always want to talk about what they see from their world. How are they guiding the person? What do they watch, who do they observe,  who are they with in the other world? How are they feeling in the other world?  Are they out of pain and sufferring, if they remember it from their space. 

I personally feel very passionate about giving a good reading to another.  To hold that saced space for someone that is sufferring a loss is a priviledge, and one I hold close to my heart. 

I have had many losses in my current life, and hearing from my loved ones, when I was struggling, made a huge difference.  To know that they could see and help me from their world, as thats what they do on a day to day basis, is amazing.  

To receive evidence that no others could possibly know, from another person, is a wonderful feeling.  When I was given a message from a friend, of the exact song I play in my dads car it was so comforting.  I personally dont want "woolly" evidence, I want to my students to push the boundaries with the mediumship. I want to push the boundaries, when I give readings. 

So what is mediumship? It is showing that death doesnt exist, and the soul really does live on.    The medium can give the soul in the spirit world a voice. And I feel very humbled every day, to be able to do this for others. 


Carly x

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