27 Apr

Why do people seek out a tarot  reading? 

Most people come for a tarot/soul reading for a confirmation or validation of what they are feeling.  

Let me give an example:

Work is often brought up as a reason for a reading.  I am feeling I need to change my job, is this a good time? 

In all honesty, the fact that the person is thinking this, means they already know that they are feeling they need to move jobs.  Their soul so to speak is beginning to shift, and give messages to them.  What they require is validation, a reflection back to them of the soul's desire for change.  The issue with change is it makes the 'human' uncomfortable.  Not many of us like change.  We prefer what we know and the comfortable place that this brings.  The issue with this, is this is not where the soul can grow.  

The tarot reading, can provide a person with that validation. It is a tool and that is all.   There are many cards that reflect walking away, moving on, or having patience before acting.  But a more experienced reader, will not only rely on the cards, but their own souls intuition. You see they too can feel into a situation.  How something feels is a really good indicator of whether something is right or not.  

Think of it this way, you may have made a change and its not turned out the way you had wanted. Maybe you went for the job interview, and you didnt get the job. But inside, you knew this job wasnt for you.  If you are very intune with your soul, you can feel your way in life. And that kind of intuition is all about practice.

A good tarot reading reflects back to you, what your soul already is trying to inform you with the nudges it gives you. 

I love to then back up the confirmation in my readings, with information from the spirit world. So often loved ones that have passed over, are helping to guide us too.  Of course, we need to know who is guiding, with some evidence of the life that was once lived, before allowing them a voice in a reading. 

But after doing so many readings over the years, most readings come from a place of please help, my head is feeling confused.  

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