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I am a Recognised Psychic Medium, and a Multi -dimensional Spiritual worker, who works to help others, particularly at their soul level.

I have gained teacher certificates and experience in many areas, Spiritual healing, Colour healing, Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Seichem Reiki, and Atlantean. Since working with Spiritual energies I have channelled my own healing modalities, working with my past life knowledge in Atlantis. Moving into the Golden Age. I love working with different energies, now available from Atlantis. Check out the Multidimensional dragon, healing through colour, and Golden Atlantean Courses.

I am a qualified teacher (PGCE) and mentor (D32/33), following a long career in Nursing (Bsc in Health) and teaching, with a passion for sharing knowledge. I adhere to a high standard of ethics and professionalism. I am now moving some of my work to Udemy, to widen the sharing of the love I have for Atlantis.

Offering one to one spiritual mentorship sessions on zoom, or working together towards accredited awards in groups. I am now an executive training provider with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. The Lavender Spiritual School of Light, Love and Learning welcomes you.

As my new udemy course on dragon healing is out and live, why not check me out on Udemy. Simple Guide to Multidimensional Dragon healing. See my blog for the direct codes and links to the courses. A new qualified Teacher of Diana Cooper, and Qualified in the Unicorns.

Most importantly, this school of love and light, has some amazing healers, mediums and teachers. Please check them out, and lets all help each other in one way or another. Or listen to their stories, in the youtube tab, and be inspired.

Much love, light and oodles of blessings,


*Email me ( or contact can be made through my Facebook page for any bookings. The Lavender Spiritual Room Payment through Paypal or bank transfer. Please see Disclaimer on this website before any booking is made.