Welcome, my name is Carly, a soul healer and someone that channels spirit messages (Medium), and I am here to help you, encourage you, and through spirit enable you to find clarity, healing and purpose. I want everyone to find and shine their light.

My belief is there is no darkness in this world only the absence of light so let's get you shining your light. The universe needs you!

I am a Recognised Psychic Medium, a Soul Healer, Trance healer and certified as an Advanced Crystal Healer, Reiki Teacher, Angelic Reiki Teacher, and Atlantean Master, who works with the spirit in many ways to provide guidance, encouragement and healing.

I am a qualified teacher and mentor, following a long career in health, with a passion for sharing my knowledge from all my walks in life. 
I am now offering one to one spiritual mentorship working towards an accredited awards. I offer soul to soul readings over zoom and three circles a week for 2021. I hope together we can help you to find your soul purpose, gain clarity and pass your own knowledge on to spread the light.

Much love, light and oodles of blessings,


*Email me or contact me through my facebook page for any bookings. Payment through Paypal or bank transfer.